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About The Founder

Angelo John Lewis is a coach and consultant whose work emphasizes challenge, creativity and discovery.

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How To

Ideally, before engaging in dialogue, groups should learn basic dialogue principles and decide upon ground rules specific to their situation.

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Dialogue's Uses

Here you can view some sample issues and conflicts that have been explored through dialogue as well as a link to formal interventions in which dialogue might be integrated

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Here are just a few of the ways in which people have been enriched by using these methods

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Organizations that have used Dialogue Circles



Why I don’t argue politics on Facebook

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  The last time we went through a Presidential election season, I  posted something that revealed a particular political point of view on Facebook. Big mistake. First one point, then another counterpoint. Then another person... READ MORE

Dialogue Circle History


The Dialogue Circle Method (previously known as “Diversity Circles” ) was developed during the spring of 1991 by Angelo John Lewis with the support of a twelve-person planning committee at Princeton University. The... READ MORE